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The LCSpd Challenge is a series of educational technology challenges designed to help you integrate technology in the classroom in a way that positively impacts teaching and learning.

Each challenge is designed to introduce you to a tool that we currently have in our arsenal and then have you implement that tool in your classroom in a way that either:

  • makes life easier and more manageable for you and your students
  • allows you to enhance the learner experience and design opportunities for collaboration and creation
  • shows you how to use your edtech to create learning opportunities that would be impossible without the use of technology

There will be two to three challenges each month. The challenges will be leveled for beginners, intermediate users that are comfortable with the tech we have, and for edtech rockstars. You are free to complete any of the challenges, and each completed challenge earns you points and puts you on our leaderboard. The points will translate into fun awards like jeans days coupons, wireless mice, microphones, edtech books, donuts, lunch and even more importantly, 1 contact hour will be award for each 100 points earned!

In addition to the monthly challenges, teachers can also participate in Achievement Challenges. Achievement challenges are longer term activities that require a much deeper dive into the edtech world. Some examples of those achievement challenges would be Google Certification, Seesaw Ambassadorship, or badging through programs like Flipgrid, EdPuzzle and Pear Deck.

Participating in the challenge gives you a chance to learn valuable skills and show your coworkers who has the most edtech awesomeness! Who will be the winner of this PD challenge? Is it going to be you?